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How to make a drum sound using a synthesizer


Using drum kit sound material is a very easy task, and there are many websites on the market like Splice and that can provide a lot of resources. But sometimes you just have a hard time finding the sound you want. Even if you find it, you will feel that this sample is no longer so special for you.

In fact, we can use the synthesizer to make our own drum kit sound. You only need to invest a little bit in the synthesizer, you will deliberately leave the cost of purchasing materials, and the sound you produce is also unique.

Although making a drum kit sound yourself is not a necessary factor for making a good work, it will add more dimensions and depth to your work.

Sometimes it is faster to start creating drum kit sound design and avoid searching for samples, especially for those skilled sound designers who even create based on the sound in their minds.

Here I use Serum for demonstration, but this method is also applicable to other synthesizers. The author suggests that you can first look at the drum sound presets in the synthesizer, then try to change the parameters, and then create your own drum sound. Here I provide some presets, all made according to F1 MIDI notes.


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